1st CEO Forum in Sri Lanka on 21 June 2016


On 21 June 2016, the METABUILD project team organised the first CEO Forum at Hotel Galadari in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

One of the main objectives of the stakeholder meeting was to create awareness for the METABUILD project by briefing CEOs, management staff and other stakeholders of the project's target industries. The event also designated the official launch of the METABUILD project in Sri Lanka by gathering all contributing stakeholders and allowing them to enhance their national and international networks.

Dr Thusitha Suagathpala, Senior Lecturer at University of Moratuwa, introduced the participants to the concepts of resource efficiency and environmental performance. This set the ground for further presentations on the METABUILD project. Dr Malini Balakrishnan presented the background of the METABUILD project and success stories from the ACIDLOOP project in India. Mr Samantha Kumarasena, CEO of Sri Lanka's National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC), explained to the participants how the METABUILD project can be joined and what benefits can be expected.

After the presentations, an interactive session allowed the participants to discuss the METABUILD project with the panel that consisted of all presenters and government officials.

In total, 41 industry representatives and other stakeholders participated in the event.