Assessment Report: Insulation and temperature control of Extruder Machine (Bangladesh)


During assessment in Cable Manufacturing Industry it was found that extruder machines were kept on continuously during work hours due to lack of auto cut-off and no proper temperature controlling takes place, moreover there is no insulation in the extruder machine which causes significant heat losses.

METABUILD team represented by Mr. Vikas Singh (STENUM) Mr. Prahlad K Tewari (TERI) and Technical consultants (Mr. Rakib, Mr. Sameer & Mr. Mahidul) could meet with supplier for electrical switches of Farhan Electric & Boiler. Before that, they purchased one roll of ceramic blanket, insulation rope, and insulation tapes for demonstration of insulation in the extruder machines of cable manufacturing companies.

Without appropriate temperature control after insulation, the extruder might overheat, so the task was to find a proper switch for temperature controlling for Extruder machine and to learn how to install it. Supplier Mr. Farhan supported in selecting the Thermal Indicator and instructed the team how to do proper wiring and temperature settings.

In the afternoon METABUILD team went to Shanta Cable to support that industry to install the temperature control device and they done it successfully. Moreover, total 8 extruders from 6 companies were insulated for demonstration purpose. Workers of these companies were trained to carryout insulation themselves for better understanding.

Cluster demonstration was organized at ABM cable industry in which about 12-15 owners of the cable manufacturing companies participated. MB build team could also inform company workers and share the importance of proper insulation and temperature controlling to reduce energy costs. It is estimated that saving will be up to 40% for each extruder machine.