Assessment Report: Temperature controller for Bakelit Handpressing machine (Bangladesh)


During assessment in Bakelite cluster it was found that heaters of hand-pressing machines were kept turned on continuously during work hours as auto cut-off was not being used and no proper temperature controlling took place.

METABUILD team represented by Mr. Stefan Melnitzky (AREC), Mr. Mihir Sharma (STENUM) and Technical consultants (Mr. Nasif & Mr. Shuvo) could meet with supplier for electrical switches (Farhan Electric & Boiler).

The task was to find a proper switch for temperature controlling for Bakelite forming process and to learn how to install it. Supplier Mr. Farhan supported in selecting the proper Thermal Indicator and instructed the team how to do proper wiring and temperature settings.

In the afternoon MB team could install the controlling device at Primate Electrical & Electronic Company with support of Mr. Nasir (owner) and Mr. Roman (technician) and test the function and work on appropriate temperature setting.

METABUILD team could also inform company workers and share the importance of proper temperature controlling to reduce energy costs.
It is estimated that saving will be up to 30% for a single hand-pressing machine.

Mr. Nasir appreciated the support and successful implementation. Neighbouring companies are invited to see this showcase, as they can easily install similar devices on their own.

With this successful example MB team could contribute to one of the main objectives of the project ‘to create a market for RECP’ by awareness creation (workers training), matching supplier (capacitating vendors) and industry and showcasing an ‘easy to copy’ example (reduction of electricity costs) in bakelite cluster at Dania.