Birgunj, Nepal: METABUILD Project Closing Event


The closing event in the Birgunj was conducted on 25th January 2020, in Hotel Pujan. The programme was jointly organized with the Birgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BiCCI). Invitation were sent to the all participating industries of Bara and Parsa districts including members of BiCCI, Government offices including District Coordination Committees of Bara and Parsa, and other major industry sectors, office of industries and some media persons. The programme was chaired by Mr. Subodh Kumar Gupta, Acting President BiCCI. Inauguration was done by the Chief Guest Mr. Vijay Kumar Sarawogi, Mayor, Birgunj Metropolitan City. Mr. Manoj Upadhyay from BiCCI was the Master of Ceremony. Mr. Subodh Kumar Gupta, initiated the programme by welcoming all the participants. He said in his address that the activity of the project is very good in Province No. 2. The industries of this region are facing difficulties in many ways and this activity has helped the industries to a great extent. According to him the need of the day in the country is economic revolution and to enhance the economic activities, there is the need to apply joint effort in future as well.

Mr. Stefan Melnitzky, Project Manager, METABUILD Project, AREC, Austria presented Overview and achievements of the overall METABUILD project in three countries. Mr. Amar B. Manandhar, Executive Director of SEED Nepal and Project Manager of METABUILD Project, Nepal presented on METABUILD Project activities and impacts in Nepal. Mr. Manandhar also elaborated the outcomes of the project in 14 industries of Bara district and 6 industries of Parsa district.

After these presentations, Certificates of Participation and Outstanding Certificates were distributed to the Companies by the Chief Guest. After that, Mr. Vijay Kumar Sarawogi, Chief Guest had given his remarks. He said that this is a very good activity of the project. Such activities will not only be confined to benefits to the industries and at local level but it will also contribute positively in the GDP and also in the overall economy of the country. Mr. Sarawogi emphasized on plantation of trees in the premises of the industries for improvement of the surrounding environment. Mr Sarawogi also said that there are many boilers, which are in operation at a lower efficiency in the country using rice husk as the fuel. He also requested for Intervention in the area to benefit all concerned.

After that, representatives from two participating industries: Mr. Dipendra Gupta from Saakha Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Firoz Raki from Himal Iron and Steel Pvt. Ltd. shared their valuable experiences on the implementation of RECP supported by METABUILD Project. They mentioned the benefits they have been able to get from the participation in the METABUILD Project. After that, METABUILD Video was shown. Mr. Govinda Tiwari from SEED Nepal closed the programme after giving his Vote of Thanks. Lastly, the participants had given their feedback on the programme.

After the event, there was the demonstration of Resources Control Tool presented by Ms. Priyanka Karna from SEED Nepal only to the participating industries and the Pen-drives with the Resource Control Tool were distributed to the participants.