Customer Roundtable event on “Greening the Supply Chain” in Kathmandu, Nepal


On 11 May 2018, METABUILD hosted a Customer Roundtable event held on “Greening the Supply Chain” in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Roundtable took place at the Yellow Pagoda Hotel, Kathmandu and its objective was to facilitate dialogue on improved metal component production processes with stronger focus on environmentally sustainable supply chain processes. Around 30 stakeholders from Nepal’s metalworking and building sectors, including businessmen, associations and technical consultants were present at the event. The workshop was jointly facilitated by Society for Environmental and Economic Development Nepal (SEED Nepal) team  and adelphi, Germany.

Mr. Amar Manandhar, Executive Director, SEED Nepal did welcoming of all participants and also gave an introduction of METABUILD project and project activities in Nepal. Mr. Shrestha & Ms. Karna explained some case studies of industries where the RECP measures are implemented under the METABUILD project. Mr. Amarnath Munnolimath, Project Manager, adelphi presented the "Greening the Supply Chain" toolkit to participants and explained the step-by-step approach to of the toolkit to green the supply chain. 

Technical consultants, who had already gone through the ToT of the toolkit have accompined the participants to explain the toolkit approach in detail with a case study. All participants were excited to work on the case studies and understand their own supply chain and where & how they can implement the RECP measures move towards greening their supply chain. Participants worked together to unravel the significance and benefits of greening supply chains; the identification of supply side problems and the development of effective solutions to these; the implementation of best practices within Resource Efficient Cleaner Production (RECP) measures; and METABUILD’s role in the afore-mentioned processes.

Participants further became acquainted with the supply chain tool and its implementation to minimize risks within their own enterprise supply chains. The event also helped build connections and partnerships between stakeholders from various metalworking and building subsectors. One participant emphasized that the supply chain tool would prove very useful for his enterprise and recommended more engagement with the government. Another stated, “This (METABUILD) programme is certainly going to assist in the implementation of eco-friendly projects.”