Fifth partners’ meeting – Scaling up the SME support programme!


The 5th METABUILD project meeting took place during 15-17 January 2018 at Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The objectives of the fifth project meeting were to review the results/achievements of year 2, prepare the second year report and work out the detailed action plan for year 3 (Mar-18 to Feb-19).  Based on the showcases prepared in year 1 from the pioneer companies, several companies were mobilized to join the project.  Engagement with these companies has yielded RECP results and showcases.  In year 3, the focus is on meeting the gaps in number of companies and completing the RECP implementations.  This will be supported by engagement with other stakeholders for access to finance, technologies and to sensitize customers and policy makers.

As of 2017 end, the project is working with more than 200 companies in three countries (Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka) and more than 220 RECP implementations have been completed; more than 700 stakeholders have been sensitized on RECP through the project events. Several RECP measures have been implemented across industries (some selected showcase documents can be seen here) in all three target countries, thereby validating the METABUILD approach.