In-house Training on Energy Efficiency held for ABC Electrical Industries Ltd, Bangladesh


During initial assessment  of ABC Electrical Ind. Ltd  it was found that compressors used in the factory were obsolete and havingleakages. While submitting the initial assessment report factory owner informed METABUILD team that he would appoint a maintenance engineer and designate him to supervise suggested options. On this regard, owner requested to METABUILD team to provide necessary training on RECP for factory personnel.

METABUILD team represented by Mr. Sajib Saha, Mr. Nasif Marjan Chowdhury, Mr. Sameer Hasan, Mr. Rakib Hasan Sarker, Mr. Mir Shakib Ahmed, Mr. Kazi Mahidul Islam and Hasanuzzaman Shuvo went to the factory on 11th November 2018 and conducted RECP training (i.e. Compressor, machine maintenance, lighting, furnace insulation etc.) to factory employees.

On the training day METABUILD team first did compressor Free air delivery test and found that two compressor having 17% and 68% efficiency respectively. Moreover, there were leakages and bending on compressed air lines.

Training demonstration included proper compressor maintenances and placement, motor maintenance, efficient lighting, power factor improvement, using Personal protective equipment, proper man-machine pathway etc.

The training day concluded with a fruitful meeting of following decisions:

  • Company will increase the use of efficient compressor instead of less efficient one by swapping the compressors.
  • Company owner assigned maintenance engineer to repair compressed air line leakages, machine maintenance and installation of effective lighting.
  • Less efficient compressor will be exchanged with new compressor.
  • Appropriate ratings of capacitors for PFI will be installed.
  • Furnaces will be insulated with proper insulation.

The company staff is now equipped with the new skills and happy for the training conducted my METABUILD, Bangladesh team.