Management Commitment Seminar in Biratnagar/ Nepal on 19 June 2016


On 19 June 2016, the METABUILD project team organised a Management Commitment Seminar at the Chamber of Industries (CIM) Morang/ Biratnagar in the eastern development region of Nepal. The seminar was jointly hosted by the Society for Environmental and Economic Development Nepal (SEED Nepal) and CIM.

The main objectives of the seminar were to brief the participating representatives of Nepal's metal industry on the METABUILD project and to invite them to join the project. By joining the METABUILD project, companies can receive technical assistance to implement Resource Efficient Cleaner Production (RECP) in their industries.

The presenters Mr Amar B. Manandhar (Executive Director of SEED Nepal), Dr Durga B. Karanjit (Senior Technical Consultant at SEED Nepal) and Mr Vikas Singh from STENUM Asia (India) introduced the participants to the work of SEED Nepal and explained how the METABUILD project can support companies in implementing RECP measures. Further, the seminar included a presentation of selected RECP success cases in India from the ACIDLOOP project.   

In total, 16 industry representatives and three CIM members participated in the event. As a result of the seminar, eight companies submitted the commitment form to express their interest in joining the METABUILD project.