METABUILD team visits Panchakanya Groups in Bhairahawa, Nepal


During 7th Partner meeting that took place in Bhairahawa, Nepal during 26-29 January 2019, the team members were invited by Panchakanya Group of Industries in Kotihawa to visit their steel plant (Panchakanya Steels Pvt. Ltd.), which produces TMT steel bars and wire drawing plant (Panchakanya Wires Pvt. Ltd.), which produces Steel Torkari and Binding Wire and to see the implemented RECP measures.


The visit of METABUILD team took place on the afternoon of 27th of Jan. The team was welcomed by the Vice Chairman Mr. Dhruba Kumar Shrestha. A presentation was given by Mr. Debendra Sahoo (General Manager) about company background, products and the improvements suggested by METABUILD team which have been jointly implemented. Panchakanya has for example insulated the hot air pipeline from recuperator to firing nozzles, repaired the damaged blocks of the capacitor bank for power factor improvement, replaced the faulty temperature monitoring system by automatic controlling system with new monitoring panel and installing new automatic fuel control in the furnace.  They have also installed damper to chimney and air controlling system. Mr. Sahoo highlighted these important improvements and confirmed that savings are around 1.5 liters of furnace oil per tonne of product. The industry has replaced most of the CFLs and sodium vapour lights by LED lights and assured that remaining such lights will also be replaced soon.

The team could see the impressive implementations in a quick company walk through and was able to give some new recommendation for further improvements. One was to check whether the quality has improved and the ratio of reject has also reduced with the new system and to evaluate these savings.