Project activities


The METABUILD project activities targeted metal product SMEs, industry associations, financial institutions, policy-makers as well as large customers in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka to encourage RECP in the metal supply chain of building and construction sector. Thus, METABUILD drew on multiple partners and international and local expertise and was implemented along three project dimensions:

Direct Industry Support

The first set of activities of the project was steered towards direct industry support provided to companies through capacity building measures, direct consultation, cluster trainings, and guidance through the process of implementing concrete RECP measures. This comprised close collaboration, capacity building and handholding for industries taking part in project activities as well as training for national consultants responsible for on-site visits and the development of training materials.

Stakeholder Engagement

This activity area was based on the underlying assumption that industries cannot manage the transition to RECP practices alone, but also require support from other actors, including environmental authorities and policy makers, technology suppliers, customers, and financial institutions. Specific activities in this component were conceptualised and implemented to target key stakeholder groups individually – for example through customer roundtables, technology fairs, policy dialogue and financial sector engagement - in order to create a comprehensive support framework for RECP optimisation of metal industries.

Project Support

Finally, managing a multi-country, multi-stakeholder project required project support measures to facilitate and optimise the direct support delivered to SMEs and wider stakeholder engagement. Here, lessons learnt and key success factors for effective and efficient project management were derived from internal project management, balancing the activities and stakeholders involved, as well as reporting and continuous internal learning of project team members.