RECP Training Workshop held for Bakelite Cluster of Dania, Dhaka, Bangladesh


In order to embed RECP in the METABUILD partnering sectors, it is necessary to train the industry owners. As indicated in the action plan, there should be RECP trainings for the industries every year of the project. The main goal of these trainings is to create awareness about resource & energy efficiency and to increase the implementations of suggested RECP measures.

RECP training for the METABUILD partner companies from Bakelite Cluster took place at Shopno Bilash Community Centre, Dania, Dhaka on 4th December, 2018.

Chairman, Co-chairman and 55 member companies of Bakelite Sector of BEMMA (Bangladesh Electrical Merchandise Manufacturers Association) participated in the workshop. Technical consultants of BD conducted the training session. They presented different examples of already implemented measures from which many companies are already getting benefits. Many of the companies expressed their interest to implement more suggested RECP measures after seeing the showcases. They realized that they can also save money by implementing simple measures.

At the end of the training, a crest was handed over to Mr. Nasir Uddin Sarker, Co-chairman, Bakelite Sector for his contribution towards resource & energy efficiency.