RECP Training Workshop held for Cable Manufacturing Companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh


On 5th December, 2018- training on RECP held for the METABUILD partner companies from cable sector. The training workshop took place at Ramna Restaurant, Wari, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

President and 38 member companies of Bangladesh Electrical Cable Manufacturers Association (BECMA) participated in the workshop. Technical consultants of BD conducted the training session. Following topics were discussed: data monitoring & material handling, temperature controller, extruder machine insulation, overall safety & development, measures to save electricity etc. Numbers of showcases were also presented. After completion of the training, Mr. Anisur Rahman, President, BECMA expressed his gratitude to METABUILD team for this training. Few participants came on stage and shared what they learned.

Overall, the training was successful and the objective was met. The participants understood the importance of RECP and promised to implement most of the suggested RECP measures.

At the end of the training, a crest was handed over to Mr. Anisur Rahman, President, BECMA for his contribution towards resource & energy efficiency.