Refresher Training-of-Trainers Conducted in Bangladesh


A three-day Refresher ToT course took place at Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) from 5th to 7th May, 2018. All the technical consultants from Dhaka and Chittagong were present in the training session. A total of ten consultants completed the training course and were revitalized to work more efficiently for achieving METABUILD objectives.

The ToT was carried out by two trainers: Mr. Markus Moeller, Sr. Technical Expert and Mr. Rajat Batra, Sr. Technical Expert.

The main focus of this ToT was to recapitulate necessary technical concepts required for implementing RECP and make the consultants realise their responsibilities towards graduating to more independent working. As per project plan, consultant teams at the ground would receive support for first two project years. Hereafter the local teams will handle more direct responsibility for the project deliverables. Topics covered in the training included Material flow analysis (MFA), Loop Economy and Hazardous Waste management. There was active participation in group discussions and question-answer sessions leading to a clearer understanding of the technical issues and the new responsibility structure. The consultants gained a better understanding on Impact Assessment and consultancy accountability. As a part of the training, consultants participated in two group-work exercise sessions and presentation of group work.