A selection of the successful actions taken by pioneer companies in Bangladesh to increase efficiency in their company operations can be found below. The following actions have led to savings in company costs for electricity and fuel.

  1. A Steel Re-Rolling Mill- Insulation of Furnace door (Fuel Saving)
  2. Energypac - Maintaining adequate drain out time in chemical treatment section (Acid & Water Saving)
  3. Glaco Steel - Paint spillage saving by installing collecting tray (Material Saving)
  4. National Tubes- Electricity Saving by Installing LED Lights (Electricity Saving)
  5. National Tubes-Temperature monitoring of Anealing furnace (Fuel Saving)
  6. Multi Steel Casting - Use of natural lighting (Electricity Saving)
  7. Energypac – Installation of LED lights (Electricity Saving)
  8. Artisan Craft- Monitoring of Resource Consumption (Resource Optimisation)
  9. Artisan Craft- Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (Reduced Risk)
  10. Cable manufacturing - improved monitoring (Electricity Saving)
  11. Confidence Steel - Minimum utilization of welding electrodes (Resource Optimisation)
  12. Energypac - Drain boards installation (Chemical Savings)
  13. Energypac - Secondary tray for collecting chips  (Incresed Revenue through Scrap Sales)
  14. Galco - Compressedair leakage reduction (Electricity Saving)
  15. Multi Casting- Heating of Picking Bath (Acid saving)
  16. National tubes- Adjusting belt tension (Improved Motor Life)
  17. SA Enetrprise - Organised Tools (Higher Productivity)
  18. Sobhan electric - Use of Jigs (Chemical Savings)