A selection of the successful actions taken by pioneer companies in Bangladesh to increase efficiency in their company operations can be found below. The following actions have led to savings in company costs for electricity and fuel.

  1. Replacing existing tube lights with LED lights in a phased manner immediately and greatly lowers electricity costs. For example, National Tubes Ltd. has already replaced 25 tube lights (80 W) with 25 LEDs (12 W) and plans to continue the installation of LEDs to replace the remaining 125 tube-lights on-site. (Electricity saving - lighting 1)
  2. To reduce its electricity costs, Multi Steel Castings Ltd switches off its halogen lights and incandescent bulbs during the day and has installed polycarbonate sheets to allow natural light to enter the factory. (Electricity saving - lighting 2)
  3. For reheating furnaces, installing a double-walled insulated steel door made out of available material in-house minimizes high heat losses and saves money. (Fuel saving - insulation)
  4. Installing a temperature indicator on annealing furnaces allows for the regular monitoring of the furnace temperature. Burners can then be switched off to prevent overheating, for example, resulting in savings in fuel costs. (Fuel saving - monitoring)
  5. Paint  saving by  installing collecting tray below all colour coating machines , with these trays, the spilled paint is now collected and around 4,600L of paint is thereby saved annually (Paint Saving - Installing Collecting Tray)   
  6. Workers were trained to  allow adequate time for drainout (minimum 15 seconds). A buzzer with stop watch was installed.This alerted the operators controlling the dipping crane and they accordingly moved the parts to next process tank. (Acid & Water Saving - Adequate drainout time)   
  7. Replacing the 55 sodium vapour lamps with LED flood lights (each rated at 200W).  Annual electricity savings of approximately 66,000kWh was realized. (Electricity Saving - Installing LED Bulbs)