A selection of the successful actions taken by pioneer companies in Nepal to increase efficiency in their company operations can be found below. The following actions have led to an improvement in working conditions and a reduction in overall financial costs.

  1. Ambe Steel-Construction of hard ground for product storage (Material Saving)
  2. Panchakanya Steel-Insulation of inlet air duct (Fuel Saving)
  3. Terai Steel-Savings by storing coal in covered shed (Fuel Saving)
  4. Agro Engineering Works - Use of trolley (Cost Savings in Material Flow)
  5. Oshin Power Service - Switch off Welding Machines when not in use (Electricity Saving)
  6. Pioneer Electrocables - Energy Savings by insulating the curing tank (Electricity Saving)
  7. Pioneer Electrocables - Height of some lights reduced by suspending them through chains (Improved Working Condition)
  8. Oshin Power Service - Installation of translucent sheets (Electricity Saving)
  9. Agro Engineering Works - Repair of Capacitor Bank (Electricity Saving)
  10. Inter Tech Pvt. Ltd - Power Factor Improvement (Electricity Saving)
  11. Hulas Wire Industries - Improvement in insulation of steam pipelines (Fuel Saving)
  12. Pashupati Iron & Steel - Reducing the Furnace opening (Fuel Saving)
  13. Agro engg works - Segregation and reuse of Scrap (Material Saving)
  14. Annapurna Cabel - Change of Compressor type (Noise Reduction)
  15. Hulas Wire - Installing mechanical descaling (Chemical Saving)
  16. Hulas Wire - Use of efficient motors (Energy Saving)
  17. Panchakanya Steel - Internal reuse of water (Water Saving)
  18. Premier wire - VFD Installation (Energy Saving)
  19. Premier wires - Fuel Filter Unit installation (Fuel Saving)
  20. SK Engg - RECP awareness training  (Good Housekeeping)