Sri Lanka

A selection of the successful actions taken by pioneer companies in Sri Lanka to increase efficiency in their company operations can be found below. The following actions have led to savings in company costs for electricity and fuel:

  1. Alucoating Ltd - Powder Coating Ind - LPG Gas Burner Replacement (Fuel Saving)
  2. Electro Metal Pressing - Heat Loss Reduction (Fuel Saving)
  3. Hot Rolling Co - Compressed Air Leak Reduction (Electricity Saving)
  4. Hot Rolling Co - Heat Loss Reduction (Fuel Saving)
  5. Lak Steel - Roofing Sheet and GI Pipe-Electricity Metering (Electricity Saving)
  6. Lak Steel-Contiunous feeding of GI sheets (Material Saving)
  7. Orel Copper - Copper melting & wire drawing-Heat Loss Reduction final (Electricity Saving)
  8. Swisstek Aluminium - Aluminium extrusion Co-Use of natural light (Electricity Saving)
  9. Swisstek Aluminium - Improved Powder Transfer Efficiency (Material Saving)
  10. Swisstek Aluminium - Power factor Correction (Electricity Saving)
  11. Thunder & Neon - 5S Implementation (Improved working environment)
  12. Moscow Lanka Steel - Speed Control for Cooling Tower Fan (Electricity Saving)
  13. Orel Copper - Compressed Air Leak Reduc2on (Electricity Saving)
  14. Asian Chill Equipment - Tariff Change (Electricity Saving)
  15. Kelani cables - Rooftop Solar installation (Electricity Saving)
  16. Lanka Special Steel - Heat loss reduction in hot bath (Improved Working Environment)
  17. Lanka Special Steel - Improved compressor ventilation (Electricity Saving)
  18. Lanka Special Steel - Rain water harvesting (Water Saving)
  19. Liyanapathirana - Reprocessing waste (Material Saving)
  20. Moscow Lanka Steel - Ball bearings change (Electricity Saving)
  21. Moscow Lanka Steel- Bag Filters installation to furnace (Air Pollution Control)