Second Partners’ Meeting – all targets achieved at this stage!


The METABUILD project team reviewed the current status of the project and discussed next steps during the second partners’ meeting held on 26 September 2016. The meeting took place six months after the project’s kick-off with some partners meeting in TERI’s office in Delhi, India, and others joining via Skype.

For each target country, the local partners presented the current status of project implementation. Based on a cross-check with the overall project plan, the METABUILD team is happy to announce that the following targets have already been achieved:

  • The first objective of the project was to develop the required training capacities of local trainers. Therefore, in all three countries a first round of “Training of Trainers” (ToT) was conducted and a total of 46 consultants were successfully trained on resource efficient and cleaner production (RECP). Most of these RECP consultants have already started to work with the METABUILD project’s clients.
  • The second round of ToTs will take place in the beginning of December 2016; the detailed planning for the second ToT has started well in time.
  • The second objective was to start intervention with “pioneer companies” to create showcases to inspire other companies to join the METABUILD project. By September 2016, cooperation with 20 pioneer companies had started and another 15 companies were about to implement first RECP interventions. This is well in time with the overall project plan’s target to generate ten showcases from pioneer companies per target country by the end of 2016. As soon as the first showcases are documented, they will be shared via the METABUILD website.


During the 2nd partners’ meeting local and international project partners discussed the milestones that were defined in the 1st partners’ meeting and checked which objectives have already been achieved.


The status updates on the 2nd partners’ meeting showed clearly that all targets for this first project period have been achieved. This also indicates that project coordination and cooperation of local teams as well as between all partners of this multinational project is fully functional.

For companies in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka there is still a chance to join the METABUILD project! In case you are interested, please contact our local partners:

Bangladesh: AKM Asaduzzaman Patwary,

Nepal: Amar Bahadur Manandhar,

Sri Lanka: Samantha Kumarasena,