Successful start of SME support programme in Sri Lanka


During October this year (i.e. month 8 of the project), the first Initial Assessment Reports (IAR) were presented to selected pioneer companies in Sri Lanka. METABUILD experts from Sri Lanka's National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC) and technical experts from India visited six metal industries around the adjoining suburbs of Colombo. Jointly with the companies' management teams and owners, the METABUILD team discussed the improvement options for resource efficient and cleaner production (RECP) that were identified in the IARs. The IARs were well received by the respective company management.

Based on the IARs, each company identified four to ten priority actions for further improving their RECP performance. Together, these actions have a saving potential of about 7.7 million LKR. Notably, the majority of these interventions are low or no cost options.


Mr Rajat Batra, Mr Sohail Pathan, Mr Ganesh Chandra Mouli, Ms Iresha Gurusinghe, Mr M Munsif and Mr Ramith Tharindu (METABUILD Team) handing over the Initial Assessment Report (IAR) to the plant management, headed by Mr A M C S Atapattu, of Swisstek Aluminium Ltd in Sri Lanka


Mr Rajat Batra and Mr Sohail Pathan (METABUILD Team) handing over the Initial Assessment Report (IAR) to the company management of Electro Metal Pressings Pvt Ltd in Sri Lanka


The implementation of the agreed action plans will be supported and carefully monitored by the METABUILD team throughout the project. In order to inspire other companies to follow the METABUILD approach, the project team will use the successful start of the SME support programme in Sri Lanka to prepare showcases of the pioneer companies' RECP interventions for dissemination.

In addition, four new pioneer companies were visited for the initial assessment. The METABUILD team will visit these companies and submit their IARs during November 2016.