The Seventh METABUILD project meeting


The 7th  METABUILD project meeting took place during 26-29 January 2019 at Bhairahawa, Nepal.

The objectives of the 7th project meeting were to review the results and achievements of year 3, collect inputs for the third year report and work out the detailed action plan for year 4 (Mar-19 to Feb-20).  During year 3, the company mobilization was completed and the required target of 400 companies was met.  Various events were held in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka during year 3 for engaging with other stakeholders.  This includes customer roundtables in all three countries; technology fair in Sri Lanka, finance training for banks in Nepal and Sri Lanka.  Technology fairs in Bangladesh and Nepal and finance training in Bangladesh are planned in the coming months.

In year 4, the focus is on implementation support, result monitoring, dissemination and project sustainability.  Detailed actions for dissemination were worked out and steps towards project sustainability were discussed.