Third Partners’ Meeting – Taking the next step!


From showcase creation to full rollout of SME support programme

On 17 - 19 February 2017, the 3rd METABUILD project meeting took place at DCCI office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The objectives of our third project meeting were to review the results/achievements of the first year and to prepare the first year reports (narrative and financial), to switch the mind-set from ‘showcase creation’ to standard support of SMEs and last but not least to discuss the upcoming activities and to jointly prepare a detailed plan for years 2 and 3.

Project team reviewing the results from first METABUILD year


For each target country, the local partners presented the current status of project implementation. As a result for the first year, we can proudly state that all targets have been met. The focus of the first year was on two main objectives:

  • The first objective of the project was to develop the required training capacities of local trainers. A total of 46 consultants were successfully trained on resource efficient and cleaner production (RECP). A first round of “Training of Trainers” (ToT) was held in each partner country between June-Sep 2016 and the second ToT was conducted jointly for all partners in India in December 2016. Additionally, as part of the training on the job, 26 visits from Indian technical experts (TEs) in the partner countries and 9 visits by international experts were conducted. Overall, 153 visits to companies from experienced team members and trainees took place not only to support implementation in the industries, but to further empower the local team members.
  • The second objective was to start intervention with “pioneer companies” to create showcases to inspire other companies to join the METABUILD project. By February 2017, cooperation with 32 pioneer companies has been established and together with those companies, 50 showcases have been developed. A ‘best selection’ will be displayed on our webpage shortly.

As an outcome of this project meeting, the narrative report was drafted and 4 action plans (3 country specific and 1 for project management) were jointly prepared. The results of the project meeting will be shared with the country specific teams soon to enable them to switch the focus of their work to the rollout of METABUILD services to up to 400 companies.

Meeting the local team in Dhaka

As per project planning most of the companies (240 nos.) will receive direct support from the METABUILD project in Bangladesh, therefore special emphasis was given to strengthen the local teams in Dhaka and Chittagong. Right after the partners meeting, the project management team met the local team and explained the outcome of the meeting and the Action Plan for Bangladesh in great detail.

Project coordinator Dr Malini Balakrishnan explaining the action plan for year 2 to the local team in Bangladesh


For companies in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka there is still a chance to join the METABUILD project! In case you are interested, please contact our local partners:

Bangladesh: AKM Asaduzzaman Patwary,

Nepal: Amar Bahadur Manandhar,

Sri Lanka: Samantha Kumarasena,


Written by: Stefan Melnitzky