Training of trainers (ToT) on OVI Tool


As the METABUILD project entered the fourth and last year of operations, it is time to start collecting information on the results achieved and to quantify the project outputs and outcomes. Particularly against the reduction in resource use and waste reduction commitments made by the project to the European Union Switch Asia programme. The project management team had been planning these activities from the beginning and also developed specific tools to collect data from the participating industries to arrive at results and outputs. Before deploying these tools at the three target countries of the project, a thorough and common understanding of these tools is needed within the local teams. Therefore a Training of trainers (ToT) on use of these was conducted in the 3 target countries; Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, in May 2019.

The purpose of this 3-4 days training was to introduce the so called “OVI tool” to the consultants. This tool will track results at each of the participating SMEs and record the RECP implementations done by them, and feed into the project level indicators that are reported to the donor. This tool ensures confidentiality of the data of the participating SMEs, since only aggregated results in form of resource efficiency indicators are reported.

A second tool on “resource controlling” was also introduced to the local teams. This tool is for the participating SMEs to support them for continuous monitoring and control of their resource consumption, even after the completion of project. This tool has been customized as per industry and the region where it lies. This tool provides flexibility to enter all the significant processes, material and products and to generate various indicators for controlling and bench-marking of various processes and is a valuable input for the SMEs.

The local consultants entered data from various industries in both the tools during the ToT, to practice their usage and gained significant insight on how to deploy in further. Hereafter theses tools are being deployed across all the 400+ METABUILD SMEs in the three countries.