Training-of-trainers (ToT) Workshop on “Greening the Supply Chain” toolkit held in Colombo, Sri Lanka


On 23 July 2018,a Training-of-trainers (ToT) workshop on “Greening the Supply Chain” toolkit was conducted in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The ToT workshop took place with an objective to train in-country technical consultants and project coordinators on “Greening the Supply Chain” toolkit to strengthen their capacity work with SME supply chains. Toolkit focuses on improving production processes of metal products, with a particular focus on environmentally sustainable practices along the supply chain of an industry. The workshop was facilitated by Amarnath Munnolimath, Project Manager, adelphi.

This toolkit was adapted from the toolkit produced by adelphi to 'Bavarian Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection', Germany. With this supply chain toolkit the ToT participants gained the insights on how to analyse the supply chain of an industry and how one can implement the Resource Efficient Cleaner Production (RECP) measures in the overall processes involved in the supply chain of a component / product. To make the toolkit experience practical, all participants worked on one of the industry case studies that they already been working in METABUILD project. By analysing the supply chain of one component and identifying potential to apply RECP measures in the component processes they gained hands on experience on the toolkit.  They also engaged in peer-learning through the presentation and analysis of selected case studies.

Following the ToT workshop, the ToT participants employed their acquired insights to facilitate a Customer Roundtable the following day, on 24 July 2018, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.