Workshop held for Financial Institutions of Bangladesh on RECP Financing in Bangladesh


On 6th February 2019 METABUILD team held a workshop “Resource Efficient Cleaner Production Financing in Bangladesh” for financial institutions of Bangladesh with the objectives to identify opportunities for new financing products, learn about existing cleaner production financing products and prototype cleaner production financing products.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Mirko Zuerker, Senior Project Manager (Adelphi) and Mr. Amarnath Munnolimath, Project Manager (Adelphi).

11 participants from 9 financial institutions participated in the workshop. Topics which were presented include: customer landscape and financial product analysis, expert-review of key success drivers & best practices, assessing market potentials & customer segments, mapping clean tech financial products, expert-evaluation of strategic positioning & future prospects, introduction to prototyping methodology, development of clean tech financial products for new & existing customers, expert-review of prototypes according to stakeholder values etc. All participants were divided into groups. Different group exercises took place with the supports from the experts from Adelphi.

As an outcome of the workshop the participants gained insights in the RECP financing market internationally and developed the first idea for own energy efficiency and cleaner production financing products.

The participants gave positive feedback regarding the workshop. They expressed their interest to work on Green Financing. They also expressed their interest to explore the possibilities of further collaboration between DCCI and bankers association of Bangladesh.